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  • We buy Books, CDs, DVDs, Legos & Toys
  • We do not cherry pick
  • We do not need a title list
  • Instant payment by check or paypal
  • FREE shipping of all CDs, DVDs and Legos from you to us with insurance and tracking number
How it works:
  1. Box up your CDs, DVDs and Legos
  2. Complete order form to get FREE labels
  3. Or stop by at our warehouse
    (address, directions and opening hours)
  4. We will quote you one price for everything
  5. Upon acceptance we will pay you by check or paypal
What are we looking for when we inspect your CDs? All CDs are checked for condition at the time of the sale. We make sure that your CDs are originals and that they are in working condition. We checked for completeness and signs of markings, stickers, etc.
Which CDs do we buy? We accept all genres and all kinds of music including music, movie soundtracks, and spoken words. We also accept CDs from all time periods, including but not limited to older CDs from the 1980's and 1990's. Imported CDs with Latin alphabet is also accepted. We will not cherry pick through your collection, nor will we need a list of titles because we will buy everything. We do not accept liquidation ware, penny CDs, bootlegs, or CDs in case logice binders.

Answer the following three questions to see whether your CDs are eligible:
  1. Did you buy your CDs individually one-by-one in a record store or online?
  2. Are the CDs in their original cases with complete front and back cover art (dusty or broken cases are okay)?
  3. Are the CDs without visible scratches if you hold them approximately twelve inches from the face?

If you answered "yes" to all these questions we will most likely accept all your CDs. We are not in the business of finding fault with your collection but we have to protect ourselves against being taken advantage of.

Run through of which CDs are acccepted:
  • All CDs must to be in mint condition, without visible scratches. Look at the back side of your CD a foot away in a normally lit room: if you do not see any scratches then we are able to accept the CD.
  • We accept CDs only if they have complete cover art, front and back, and are in mint condition.
  • We accept CDs only if they are in their orginal jewel cases.
  • We accept CDs with broken, cracked or dusty jewel cases.
  • We accept CDs that have the barcode scratched out or punched out.
  • We accept CDs that have drill holes or promo stickers on the jewel case.
  • We accept CDs that have a security sticker between the cover art and the insert of the jewel case.
  • We accept so-called Club CDs, issued by BMG or Columbia House but they are of lesser value. You can recognize them by the words "manufactured for BMG" or "Columbia House" on the back cover art.
  • We accept imported CDs as long as the title and artist are written in the Latin alphabet, for example Spanish, French, or Italian.
  • We accpet CDs that are autograhed by the artist.

Run through of which CDs are not accepted:
  • We do not accept CDs with incomplete boxsets, for example missing CDs or cover art.
  • We do not accept CDs which have your initials written on the CD or the cover art.
  • We do not accept CDs which are stamped with "Promotional" on the CD itself or which have a "promo" or "advance" sticker or stamp on the cover art.
  • We do not accept CDs that are bootleg, copied or blank.
  • We do not accept CDs that are singles, radio edits or EPs.
  • We do not accept CDs that were free-give-aways from stores such as GAP, Victoria's Secret, etc, but we do accept CDs released and sold by Starbucks or TimeLife.
  • We do not accept imported CDs with titles written in a non-Latin alphabet, for example Greek, Russian, or Korean.

Other key facts:
  • We usually only accept one CD per title, for example we do not accept a dozen unsold and shrink wrapped CDs of a local bar band. If you have several CDs of one popular title, e-mail us the title(s) and we will let you know whether we are interested. We usually do accept 2 CDs of the same title if two people have combined their collections resulting in an overlap of no more than 5% of the titles.
  • We reserve the right to refuse CDs from online merchants, wholesalers, record stores, or record labels who are trying to unload their low priced inventory. We will not pay for shipping these CDs back.
  • We do not pay for returning CDs that we reject because of missing cover art, scratches, water damage, or because they are liquidation ware or penny CDs (CDs with a resale value below $1.00).
How does our pricing software work?

We know what every CD is worth because we have a historical database going back eight years. We pay in a very fair and objective way; we calculate the average market price per CD in your collection. The following chart shows the prices we usually pay, based on genre, for CDs in mint condition with complete front and back cover art:
Genre < $0.50 $0.50 $0.75 $1.00 $1.25 $1.50 $1.75 $2.00 > $2.00
Alternative & Indie                  
Christian & Gospel                  
Coutnry & Folk                  
Classical Music                  
Classic Rock 60s & 70s                  
Hip Hop                  
Metal & Hard Rock                  
Pop & Rock                  
Punk & Ska                  
Spoken Words                  
Techno & Dance                  
World Music & New Age                  
What if some of your items are not worth anything? We know that 20% - 50% of the titles in the average music collection have hardly any retail value. Most collections have other titles that make up for these near worthless items. Because we want to provide you the convenience of selling all your items at once and in one place we calculate the average price per item in your collection and pay you based on this average price. That way we can make you an offer for everything without picking your collection apart.
Why do we offer you our best-offer first without haggling? Haggling is the greatest annoyance of selling used household items. We will never lowball you and we will never force you to negotiate because our pricing algorithm determines what we pay in an objective and fair way. We know exactly how much we are able to pay you and we will give you our best offer first without any need for haggling.

We can not round up or negotiate our offer because our price offers are based on an algorithm. Our algorithm is optimized to buy the largest possible number of items at the lowest acceptable profit margin so that we can keep growing as a company. We would lose money and endanger the job security of our employees and the prospect of our company if we would pay more than dictated by our algorithm in individual cases.
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