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21-09 Borden Avenue
Long Island City, NY 11101
United States
0228 5488 9971
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10553 Berlin
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  • We buy Books, CDs, DVDs, Legos & Toys
  • We do not cherry pick
  • We do not need a title list
  • Instant payment by check or paypal
  • FREE shipping of all CDs, DVDs and Legos from you to us with insurance and tracking number
How it works:
  1. Box up your CDs, DVDs and Legos
  2. Complete order form to get FREE labels
  3. Or stop by at our warehouse
    (address, directions and opening hours)
  4. We will quote you one price for everything
  5. Upon acceptance we will pay you by check or paypal
How do we buy books? You will need at least 50 books to participate in this offer. We do not buy fewer than 50 books at a time. If you have fewer than 1000 books then you will have to bring the books to our drop-off location. The minimum for a book pick-up is 1000 books. We prefer to buy whole libraries.

We only buy books in "new" or "like new" condition. We usually pay between $0.25 and $2 per books. We reserve the right to reject or to pay less for so-called "penny books", for example super popular titles whose market price is below $1.00.

We do not buy:
  • mass market paperbacks, for example books measuring less than 4" x 6"; we do buy trade paperback, which are slightly larger than mass market paperbacks
  • books you have acquired at library sales that come with a stamp stating the previous owner
  • books that are damaged, marked up, underlined, stamped, highlighted or excessively worn
  • computer books and software manuals
  • textbooks published before 2011
  • foreign language titles
  • encyclopedia
  • travel guides
  • cookbooks

We prefer fiction and non-fiction trade paperbacks. Scholarly books, somewhat esoteric non-fiction, and titles from university presses often have a price at the higher end of our price range. Hardcover fiction, especially bestsellers, have a price at the lower end of our price range; hardcover fiction titles from blockbuster authors such as Stephen King and Danielle Steele are almost worthless.

When we check your books, we will check our database for sales data for the last eight years for each title. Based on this data we will calculate an average price per book in your lot and qoute you a price.

Please feel free to contact us if you have further questions:
United States: 718-729-6400
For United States directions and opening hours.
Germany: 0228-5488-9971
For Germany directions and opening hours.
United Kingdom: 020-3239-6539
For United Kingdom directions and opening hours.
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