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  • We buy Books, CDs, DVDs, Legos & Toys
  • We do not cherry pick
  • We do not need a title list
  • Instant payment by check or paypal
  • FREE shipping of all CDs, DVDs and Legos from you to us with insurance and tracking number
How it works:
  1. Box up your CDs, DVDs and Legos
  2. Complete order form to get FREE labels
  3. Or stop by at our warehouse
    (address, directions and opening hours)
  4. We will quote you one price for everything
  5. Upon acceptance we will pay you by check or paypal
What are we looking for when we inspect your items? We make sure that all items are originals and that they are in working condition. Media items are checked for completeness and signs of markings, stickers, etc. Please check each item category for specific criteria. For example, in the case of CDs and DVDs see our criteria regarding promotional items, advance copies and foreign language versions.
How does our pricing software work?

After we have checked for completeness and functionality, we run your items through our proprietary database with historical prices for used items. In many categories we have price data going back eight years.

Our process of evaluating CDs is not subjective but objective; we pay what the items are worth. Our algorithm automatically adjusts for seasonal factors or outliers. For example, a CD with Christmas carols might have an artificially low price in Spring or Michael Jackson’s music had an artificially high price in the first days after he passed away. Strollers, bicycles, and tricycles tend to have a lower price during the cold season and a higher price when it gets warmer. Our database adjusts for these seasonal fluctuations so that you won’t get punished for selling Christmas music in Spring or outdoor equipment in January.

Our algorithm also takes general price trends into account. Prices for most used CDs have been declining since 2004. Prices for most DVDs have steadily fallen since the introduction of the Blu-ray. If you have a title that has continuously declined in price for several years our pricing software will extrapolate this trend into the near future.

Lastly, we automatically compare each book, CD and DVD collection against typical profiles for personal collections in order to detect liquidation lots or lots from online merchants who are trying to get rid off their low-priced or slow moving inventory. Our algorithm looks at the distribution of genres and periods, inventory turnover, sales rank, and the label, studio, or publisher. We buy liquidation lots or lots from online merchants but we pay significantly less for these lots than for individual collections.
What if some of your items are not worth anything? We know that 20% - 50% of the titles in the average music or movie collection have hardly any retail value. Most collections have other titles that make up for these near worthless items. Because we want to provide you the convenience of selling all your items at once and in one place we calculate the average price per item in your collection and pay you based on this average price. That way we can make you an offer for everything without picking your collection apart.
Why do we offer you our best-offer first without haggling? Haggling is the greatest annoyance of selling used household items. We will never lowball you and we will never force you to negotiate because our pricing algorithm determines what we pay in an objective and fair way. We know exactly how much we are able to pay you and we will give you our best offer first without any need for haggling.

We can not round up or negotiate our offer because our price offers are based on an algorithm. Our algorithm is optimized to buy the largest possible number of items at the lowest acceptable profit margin so that we can keep growing as a company. We would lose money and endanger the job security of our employees and the prospect of our company if we would pay more than dictated by our algorithm in individual cases.
How much do we pay? For specific pricing information please see the detailed pricing tables for each category. There you will see how much we usually pay for different music, movie and book genres or strollers and toys by different manufacturers.
Sample price quote email we send out
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