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  • We buy Books, CDs, DVDs, Legos & Toys
  • We do not cherry pick
  • We do not need a title list
  • Instant payment by check or paypal
  • FREE shipping of all CDs, DVDs and Legos from you to us with insurance and tracking number
How it works:
  1. Box up your CDs, DVDs and Legos
  2. Complete order form to get FREE labels
  3. Or stop by at our warehouse
    (address, directions and opening hours)
  4. We will quote you one price for everything
  5. Upon acceptance we will pay you by check or paypal
Free FedEx shipping of your CDs and DVDs CDs and DVDs can be combined to qualify for free shipping. If you have a minimum of 100 CDs and/or DVDs we offer free shipping by FedEx Ground anywhere within the continental United States. If you have more than 2000 CDs, we will pay for a commercial freight carrier and all packaging materials. Here is how it works:

Prepare your CDs/DVDs for shipping:
  • Get the right size cardboard boxes. Each box should hold at least 150 and not more than 250 CDs, a box measuring 20” x 12” x 12” holds approximately 200 CDs; we do not provide boxes. Sturdy cardboard boxes of approximately the same size are widely available at office supply stores, moving companies, storage facilities, etc.
  • Package the CDs tightly inside the box. The CDs should be stacked tightly and not be able to move; only add cushioning material such as newspapers or bubble wrap if needed.
  • In each package include a print out of the order form you will receive by e-mail from us together with your FedEx labels.

E-mail us with the following information to get your prepaid FedEx shipping labels:
  • Your first and last name
  • Your complete address
  • Your phone number
  • The number of packages and the number of CDs in each box (in order for us to approximate the weight)

Locate the closest FedEx drop-off location:
  • Tape the labels you will receive from us to the packages
  • If you have a regular FedEx pick-up at work, ship the packages from your office
  • Otherwise bring the packages to a FedEx drop-off location, for example a Kinko’s copy store, a FedEx office, or a participating business such as Mail Boxes Etc
  • To find the closest FedEx drop-off location click this link:
www.iPodMeister.com | www.Virama.com | www.CDTeria.com