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  • We buy Books, CDs, DVDs, Legos & Toys
  • We do not cherry pick
  • We do not need a title list
  • Instant payment by check or paypal
  • FREE shipping of all CDs, DVDs and Legos from you to us with insurance and tracking number
How it works:
  1. Box up your CDs, DVDs and Legos
  2. Complete order form to get FREE labels
  3. Or stop by at our warehouse
    (address, directions and opening hours)
  4. We will quote you one price for everything
  5. Upon acceptance we will pay you by check or paypal
Are you an Amazon FBA-Seller scouting for valuable books, CDs, and DVDs? We enable Amazon FBA sellers to buy large lots because we will buy all worthless and low-priced books, CDs, or DVDs from you on an ongoing basis. If you are a discriminating barcode book scout who scans large book, music, and movie lots for higher priced items that make sense to sell through FBA you might partner up with a high volume/low price mass market buyer like us. We can even help you save more money by processing ALL the items you buy for FREE.
Here is how it works
  • You focus on what you do best which is being on the road and sourcing books.
  • Any lot you buy gets delivered to one of the four loading docks of our warehouse where we unload and process the whole lot for you.
  • All items with a value > $10 are set aside for your Amazon FBA account. We can scan, list, store, and ship all the books, CDs, and DVDs with a value of more than $10 for you for FREE. We can list these valuable items for you and ship them from our warehouse which saves you the cost of sending the items to Amazon and all FBA fees.
  • In exchange you leave all cheaper books, CDs, and DVDs to us at no additional charge. We will inspect all items, sort out damaged, highlighted, marked-up, and water damaged items. We will deal with all penny books and all items that are not worth your attention. All this won't cost you a cent out of pocket or a minute of your time because you pay us by leaving us the low-priced items you couldn't use anyway.
  • This model leaves you free to engage in the exiting adventure of scouting, finding, and buying as many books, CDs, and DVDs as you want (because you don't have to process them yourself).
  • There are two possible ways to make this work.
Option 1
  • You buy the books (or CDs or DVDs), arrange delivery to our loading dock, and we receive, sort, and scan all items. We divide the lot into two groups: items with a price of over $10 and books, CDs, and DVDs with a price below $10. You receive all the FBA items from us neatly stacked in new sturdy cardboard boxes measuring 18"*12"*12". We bring these cardboard boxes to our loading dock where you or UPS can pick them up. You send the items to Amazon where they will be listed in your own FBA account and where they will hopefully sell before the FBA fees climb too high. The compensation for our services is that we keep all books, CDs and DVDs with a value below $10.
Option 2
  • We not only inspect, scan, and price your items, but we also list them on Amazon with a unique SKU identifying you and store both high-priced and low-priced items in our warehouse. We ship your items whenever they sell within 24 hours and deal with customer service issues. We automatically mail electronic shipping confirmations with tracking numbers and we offer live phone support for all your Amazon customers (which both benefits your ratings).
  • We reprice your inventory according to parameters set by you 24/7, 365 days a year in our private server cloud. Every two weeks, we transfer all sales proceeds for the valuable books you have stored with us to you (either in CASH or by paypal or electronic fund transfer).
  • Under this scenario you save the freight costs for shipping books to Amazon and you save all FBA fees, including possible FBA storage- or return fees. We will not charge you for processing, listing, pricing, storing, customer service, shipping supplies, or pick/pack/ship. Our only compensation is that we can keep all books, CDs, and DVDs that have a value below $10.
How can you trust us? We have been an Amazon megaseller for 13 years. We have 25 employees that can handle any job and any volume in our centrally located, clean, climate controlled 17,000 SF warehouse in Long Island City. Our business model thrives on volume and ideally complements the operations of smaller, more discerning book scouts and FBA sellers that have more expertise in handling unique and valuable books. Obviously you would take a sample of every lot you buy, scan in some UPC numbers and prices, and then make sure that these items would be sorted and priced by us correctly.

The benefits, advantages, and cost savings of this concept will be apparent to you if you have been a one-man online shop for a while or if you have experience selling through Fulfillment-by-Amazon (FBA). We have the infrastructure to wring a profit out of low-priced inventory that is of no interest to smaller merchants or FBA-sellers. Most of the value you add and most of your profit comes from your expertise and skills finding valuable items. Processing these items, i.e. sorting through dusty items, scanning them all, listing them, and storing or shipping them should better be left to others so that you can be free to spend more time on the road.

These things are best discussed in person.
Please e-mail us at nyc@virama.com or call at 718 729 6400 and we will take it from there.

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